Hub Outcomes Paper Finalised

The Peninsular Village Hub Update

HUB walk Bantry Bay

Hub Bushwalkers enjoying the view of Bantry Bay

The workshop

Our first practical workshop was held on the 29th July 2018. Around 50 people attended, bringing a lunch to share and their ideas for ways to make the Hub a reality. We heard about the research undertaken by both the AGEncy Project into what people were wanting from a Hub and also heard about research carried out by the Inner West Council.

After the listening the action started. On large sheets of paper around the room people wrote up events and activities that they were prepared to organise. We had agreed to group them under four main headings:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Social Events
  • Physical Activity
  • Helping-out

After the activities had been generated everyone walked around putting their names to activities they would attend and after the meeting the information was circulated around the group.

What happened?

What we know is that for a Hub to work it must be self-generating and so we have been very keen to see how many of the activities ‘took off’.

Out of the initial ideas in the lifelong learning area – five had some interest indicated:  scrabble, Shakespeare play readings, poetry readings, photography walks and creative writing. Of those – only the Shakespeare play readings have happened and are planned to continue.

Other areas offered but not taken up were: meditation, using social media, joining existing choirs and band along with existing members, and film appreciation.

In the social events area one idea was positively taken up – a local Hub picnic. The first was a great success and more are planned.

In the physical activity area there were three activities positively taken up (with one, cycling to start in October). Both the dog walking and bushwalking have taken place with more to follow.

In the helping-out area a data base of tradespeople has been set up and is being contributed to by members. At this stage the library of things data base is not set up although it is planned. Other areas of help that were offered were dog training, emergency pet care, working bee activities, shopping and research.


Next steps

What we need to do now is go where the energy is – so to the bushwalkers, picnickers, dog walkers, bike riders and Shakespeare readers – keep organising and attending and enjoy yourselves! If you want to benefit from the data base of tradespeople, please respond to Vince and add people in that you would recommend to others.

If you were not part of the initial meeting but would be interested in joining in on any of these activities, then please contact

Louise Silburn on

who will forward your details to the relevant organiser.  Each time you attend something or organise something – you are not only enjoying that event but building your social network and strengthening what can become our Peninsular Hub.